International Online Harp School

For those who do not have access to a local harp teacher, what can be an alternative? Some teachers are starting to offer Skype lessons. Some teaching material is available on YouTube. But here is an exciting alternative- online harp school. You can follow a learning path for beginner, intermediate, or advanced harpists. You can also pick a style of song to learn, or techniques to focus on, and create your own learning path. 

Harp Column Academy

Harp Column Academy is the new kid on the block, but they are getting off to a good start. Teachers include such well known harpists as Sunita Stanislaw and Kim Robertson. You can watch videos on topics of technique, creative technique, and repetoire. The approach to teaching songs is different, because presenters do not teach the notes or the fingerings. Instead, they give advice on approach to a song. For example, responding to the amount of ringing in a chord when playing an Irish aire. As of this writing, Harp Column Academy is also quite affordable: just under $50 for a whole year of unlimited access. 

Online Academy of Irish Music

Coursera offers classes in many topics- including music. You can learn about recording music, composing music, music theory, and more. You can take a class on Beethoven's piano sonatas. Or the history of the string quartet. There is nothing as of now specific to harp, but lots available on music topics that can be applicable to harp. Many of their classes can be audited for no cost. This is a good resource for increasing general music knowledge.