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1st video!

I am learning how to record and edit video as I learn how to play my new harp. The hardest part so far is getting a moment free when the natural light is coming in the window AND it is quiet. The editing part is more fun (for me). I am using iMovie, and there are some nice tutorials on YouTube on how to get started. You can do some really cool things, adding photos and voice over, and all kinds of fun things. My first effort did not turn out exactly as I wanted, but I feel that I learned through the process, and I am looking forward to making more videos.

The song I played is E Mama E, and it has a very interesting feature. In the first bar of the song, there is both an F# and an F natural. The F# is in a D dominant 7 chord and the F natural is in a G dominant 7 chord. G dominant 7 is the only naturally occurring dominant 7 chord in the key of C Major (which this piece is written in). The D dominant 7 chord is borrowed from the key of G Major. Several of the pieces in Hawaiian Music for Folk Harp have this progression, and it sounds very Hawaiian.

ps. the best part of this video is after the end credits: I put a clip of my kids playing in the box and packing material that the harp came in.

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