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Instagram has a harp

Well, not exactly. But you can follow a lot of great harpists (or chefs, or costume designers, or other musicians, etc) on Instagram. I have just started an Instagram account. If you don't have one already, you might think: but, why? What good is it? Isn't it just another online time waster?

I think it can be a good tool, especially if you can keep a good focus on who you follow (people with shared interests). This is very different from Facebook, where you will see lots of cute animal pics, even cuter kid pics, depressing news and political posts, recipes, random stuff, TMI, etc. There is so much stuff that it can be hard to sort through it all.

Another bonus is you can post stuff from Instagram to Facebook without actually having to go to Facebook. So it kind of saves time?

I still know next to nothing about it! Since I am starting from scratch, I searched YouTube for tutorials on how it works. I thought this was the best one I watched. (I also just learned how to make flour tortillas via YouTube tutorial. Haha. Maybe I'll post a picture of my next batch of tortillas on Instagram)

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