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2017 in review

It has been a tremendous year for music. After many years of dreaming and research and plotting out just what features I most wanted, I bought my forever harp. It is a double strung Lorraine, made by Stoney End and sold by Carolyn Deal.

Learning to see two rows fo strings took a few weeks, but it has been so much fun exploring the wonderful things this harp can do. (like echoing techniques, and setting accidentals on one side to avoid mid-song lever changes) I also had the chance to take a couple of Skype classes with Carolyn this last year; as a mostly self taught harpist, that was so helpful. (her YouTube videos are also fun!)

This fall, my family moved to Olympia, and now I find myself less than 15 minutes away from the harp circle I had visited from afar when we lived in Longview. I haven't made it to that yet, but am so looking forward to it. Christy- Lyn has started a virtual harp circle, so going forward, I will have the good fortune to attend one harp circle in person each month, and one virtually!

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