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Focus for 2018

This year I want to focus on a number of things, basically all related to one another.

1) I have heard that a metronome can be a musician's best tool, but I haven't put in the time to learn how to use one. This year, I want to change that. (so I can be more accurate in playing- so I can be more confident- so I can actually play for people!)

2) Working from a fake book can be a great way to increase repertoire. I got one for Christmas and look forward to figuring out how they work, and how to play from one.

3) Arranging. This is probably my biggest goal for the year. For one thing, I can make arrangements for songs from the fake book. Then I can also re-arrange the many songs in my collection that go down a few notes lower than my harp has strings.

4) Music Notation Software: I halfway learned a few different programs, but this year I will pick one and get to where I can use it easily. Or at least with less difficulty.

5) Sight reading. From years of choir, I can sight read one line of music fairly easily. I would like to improve my reading of more than one line at a time. On the other hand, I also want to explore using fake books, and see if that is helpful in building my repertoire as I improve with standard notation.

6) Performing for an audience. This really sums it all up. I would love to play well enough, and with enough confidence, and have enough music I can play, to go out and share in some way.

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