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Time management for the win!

Updated: Mar 12

It is interesting that although electronic devices can be serious time wasters, they also have the potential to help manage time. I have an ap on my phone called Habit Minder that allows me to set little alarms throughout my day for different tasks that I want to be reminded to do. Each alarm can be set to a different little tune, so I know what I am being reminded of without even looking at my phone. If I want to, I can track the percentage of days I follow through with a goal like... practice my harp every day. My first alarm of the day is the one at 6am, set to a little glissando, to let me know it is harp time. I almost never miss, and the regularity of having practice every day has been very helpful. In the future, I hope to add in another bit of time later in the day for working on arranging songs, a goal I have had for quite a while but that isn't happening right now.

Time management is so important for all the things I now find and have found most interesting. No one has oodles and oodles of extra time. There is only so much time and no more. Everything I add into my schedule is going to take some of that time. The key is timing it right- so that everything gets a little bit of time on a regular basis. I keep a sourdough starter on the counter in my kitchen. It takes only a few minutes every day to maintain, but it must be a few minutes every day. Not an hour once a week. I approach my harp practice in the same way- no marathons of four hours and then a few weeks away from the instrument (to recover). Also with my sewing, I set aside a manageable amount of time four times a week, and the time I put in is effective because I can come to the work with enthusiasm and not wear myself out to the point I need a vacation from it. Even a vacation can become overwhelming- everyone knows the joke about needing a vacation to recover from your vacation!

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